About This Artist

Hi, My name is Mitchell Schuring I’m Based out of Southern Indiana, a.k.a- “SureDidit” (Formerly known as MetaByte Creative). I Studied Theater, Art Education & Visual Communications at Purdue University before dropping out and pursuing an Art Career. I have been painting large scale murals with spray paint as my medium of choice since 2014. I’ve produced large scale murals and street art works all over Indiana and hope to expand my reach into other states across the country in the near future. Some of my past projects include artwork for The Chocolate Moose, The Bedford Public Library, The City of Frankfort , The City of Lafayette, The Tippecanoe Arts Federation , Kingsway Christian School, PaoliFest, Wabash Walls 2018, RenArtwalk 2019 & 2020, and countless small businesses, restaurants, bars, and private residents north, south, east & west.

Metabyte's Murals