Cat Lady

By Nicole Salgar


“The woman in this mural is intended to be portrayed as a gate keeper to other dimensions or realities. Her existence is one which flows through time without any boundaries. The very concept of time is ultimately an illusion, created by humans to reconcile with our memories.  Time is represented in this piece through the changing fields of color and atmosphere. The red section represents the moon, which is as important to the concept of time and reality as the sun. The moon is the only thing which rotates around the earth, and by doing so, manipulates the water which make up the majority of our planet. Within the moon shape, it is an atmosphere of clouds, mysteries, dreams and secrets.  The time piece which she is holding is our most human tool for understanding time. It is the ingenuity of engineering mimicking nature’s cycle. I painted the spiral shell at the center to symbolize the slow reveal of things that are hidden. This can mean growth and evolution, but more importantly it speaks to the idea of no beginnings or endings, just absolute continuity.  So ultimately, this mural is a culmination of the maternal & feminine spirit of all things, being tied together through reality, dreams, space and time. A boundless energy which makes up the entire universe. “  This piece took 7 days to create. Over 70 hrs were put into this wall. This mural is one of our Wabash Walls and you can find its exact location on our map!

Artist: Nicole Salgar

Year Completed: 2019

Location: Wabash Walls