Covington Mural

By Nicole Salgar


This mural was painted by artist Nicole Salgar. Here is what Nicole had to say about this project: “It is a great honor to be here,” she said. Amanda Strawser, she said, “for being my main cheerleader on my design, because she really pushed being progressive and I don’t think I would have been able to stay true to my vision without Amanda’s support so I appreciate that. I chose a lot of symbolism that is specifically part of Covington. I was given words like community, Americana, tradition. And there’s little things in the mural that I put in there, little hidden symbolism, I really want you guys, the viewers kind of come up with your own story, but there is a little bit of storyline in there. I just really want everyone to look at it and be happy and evoke some kind of positive emotion. I also really want to thank Nancy (Wagner) for feeding me every day and making sure that I’m alright. I also want to thank Linda from Windy Ridge because she came out and helped paint and she was also someone who was looking out for me. I really appreciate the hospitality and I’m really excited to have been part of this project.”

Artist: Nicole Salgar

Year Completed:

Location: WHIN Walls