Wabash Walls



As part of the Wabash Walls! mural program (Sept 2018), a number of artists collaborated on painting the title “WABASH WALLS!” along the retaining wall that holds up the train tracks as it crosses the street where 2nd street becomes Wabash Avenue. Many of the artists who painted the letters spelling out the program name also contributed other murals to the south along or near Wabash Avenue.

Here are the artists who worked on each letter:
W – Jenna Morello
A – Cameron Moberg (Camer1)
B – Nicole Holderbaum (Nico)
A – Zach Medler (ZMED)
S – Aaron Vickery (Fasm)
H – Cameron Moberg (Camer1)

W – Ella V
A – Jeff Guichelaar (Geoff)
L – Nicole Holderbaum (Nico)
L – Andres Cobre
S – Zach Medler (ZMED)
! – Bekki Canine

Each of the letters is the same height and is done in a capitalized block form. They have different patterns and images, some of which relate to other murals in the program.

Artist: FASM

Year Completed: 2018

Location: Wabash Walls